"Now is the time to step up you have wanted to go, but have had to put it off. Go on a trip of a lifetime, changing the world while you're at it." -Tim Eustace


When Kevin Williams, founder of the Kenya Project, died suddenly on June 22, the community of Maywood was guilt stricken. But submerged for several days was aburning questions - what happenes to MRC's 12-year old Kenya Project, readying for a final visit in 2016?

Within a few more days a firm answer came from state Assemblyman Tim Eustace, Kevin's partner for over 30 years "The project will go on for now," he said. "We hope to keep it going." The next trip will be early in July. Eight people have already indicated they will go. A planned visit by three committee members was rescheduled and carried out. They also met with Rose, sister of Rotary's Mercy Purity, a travel agent who has been very helpful. Mercy will continue with the Kenya Project. Tim is hoping for a surge in public response. Rotarians can describe the appeal to friends. Several thousand dollars have been already received in memory of Kevin.